RPA - UiPath

5 Days Course timing: 9am-5pm

Course Summary

RPA  - UiPath proves to be very helpful for the those who wish to learn the usage in the digital marketing that helps the candidates in polishing their career and the organizations in generating a great deal of revenue for sure.

SkillXS will provide you the the UiPath  Training which will facilitate you with the knowledge that helps in enhancing the Business Process Models for any of the organization.

This training will introduce you the  to UI-Elements I/O and other important fundamentals of UiPath tool that help them in achieving their career goals with ease.


No specific  pre-requisite is required for this training, only basic programming knowledge will work


After completion of this traioning , you will learn.

How to complete Automation in Business Process Activities
How  UiPath could effective and responsive for the business
How to integration of UiPath with Citrix seamlessly at the Presentation Layer
Learn resolving complex tasks using UiPath tools
Learn the UiPath automation process that
How to Develop understanding on Exceptions and Debugging in UiPath
Get introduced to the Front+Back Office Robots
How to Develop an understanding of the concept of Workflow
Understand what are Recording Concepts and Selector Concepts
Learn how to work with Data in UiPath.


  • RPA - UiPath Hands on labs and case studies
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