Core Java

90 hrs ₹ 30000 Start from 21-Sep-2020 Course timing: 9am - 11am

Course Summary

This program starts with baisc concept of Java, even what is a communication and why do we need a lanuage to learn. The way this program has been designed you will certainly get a wow feeling while learning it  because the serialization of the topics designed by us has not been considered as per the gloabl textbooks and other instructors. It will certainly  take you on a roller coaster ride of small-small topics at a time with funny yet understandable examples.
Core Java has now become a fun and our style of delivery make it even more easier to learn.
Few aspirants have a mindset that Core Java is like an Ocean which can never be finished.
Well Let we throw light on this, We don't need to follow perceptions around us. We only  need to study what is necessary, otherwise it may take years to learn.
without practical implementation, we only need to know what 99% of the projects in the industry require.
Yes, we need to focus on industry oriented study and where are we going to showcase this knowledge apart from industry.


Fresh mind (From any field of study)


  • Strong Fundamentals and crystal clear understanding of topics as per the worl-wide industry standard.
  • Hands-on Experience.
  • Intermediate Level Program
  • Can crack 80% interview and stand a good chance of a better package in companies
  • If religiously followed & puts in the hard-work smartly - person can play Tabla on Keyboard in few days.
  • Better confidence and can Migrate to any language in future in few days, because the structure of any 
  • oops language remains same.


  • Core JavaHands on Labs and Case Studies.
  • Fee

    Total fee

    ₹ 30000 /- (inclusive of all.)

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