5 Days ₹ 30000 Start from 11-May-2020 Course timing: 9am-5pm

Course Summary

COBIT 5 is the business framework that includes guidance and leadership from business, IT and governance specialists across the world.

COBIT 5 training is intended for IT professionals aiming to get a sound knowledge on the governance and management of enterprise IT.

This  program will surely help you direct your career by proving your IT knowledge and adding value to process improvements in your organization.


Only basic knowledge of IT Services is required.


After completion of this training, you will undertand the below objectives:

Know the requirement of an effective framework to perform and manage enterprise IT
Associate with the concept of COBIT framework comprehend its use with other standards and best methods
Recognize the IT management problems that are disturbing organizations, including pain points and trigger events that organizations experience
Learn  all the functions of  COBIT, the advantages of using COBIT, several governance and management processes and the process reference model
Know the five principles and seven enablers along with the significance of good practices for better governance and management
Understand the process capability assessments and how several processes may be improved through the Seven-stage Lifecycle method.
Implement COBIT for the problems that mainly occur in enterprises


  • COBIT 5Complete interactive and Hands on learning experience .
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    ₹ 30000 /- (inclusive of all.)

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    How does COBIT 5 help achieve regulatory compliance?

    COBIT 5 is used by publicly traded companies to assist them in the Sarbanes-Oxley Act compliance processes. The Sarbanes-Oxley Act requires the company’s chief executives to attest to the accuracy of the information in their financial reports. This necessitates reliable IT processes and controls.

    How does COBIT 5 help in risk management?

    It has the capability to encourage better unity around IT deployments and reduce the chance of failure. COBIT 5 is widely credited for its ability to help minimise implementation risk of IT processes. IT initiatives typically require agility and quick adaptation.

    Is the COBIT 5 framework superior to the other accepted control models?

    COBIT 5 makes an attempt to deal with IT-specific control issues from a business perspective. The managements are becoming increasingly aware of this fact. It may be noted that COSO was used as source material for the business model and ISO 17799 and ITIL, amongst many others, were used to develop the control objectives. COBIT 5 is not meant to replace any of these control models. It is intended to emphasize what control is required in the IT environment while working with and building on the strengths of these other control models.

    How are the management guidelines integrated into the COBIT 5 framework?

    It has been developed for each of the 34 IT processes. The management’s decision-making processes are supported by guidelines that provide the requisite Maturity models, goals and metrics, and roles and responsibilities (RACI) charts.The managements use the tools that the management guidelines offer, to allow self-assessment and choices to be made for control implementation and improvements over its information and related technology. These tools were developed from a management and performance measurement perspective.

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