Web Application Security Training

5 Days ₹ 40000 Start from 06-Jul-2020 Course timing: 9am-5pm

Course Summary

Web Application Security Training aims to insights the candidates on ModSecurity profiler analyzes the traffic of web applications to develop the profiles for implementing a robust security model.

This training focuses on the ModSecurity rules, which tend to detect most of the rampant web attacks and offering protection to the information system from various forms of attacks by making the use of mechanisms like real time analysis, logging and monitoring.


Basic of Web Application Security Issues.

Knowledge of the basics of TCP/IP Network Operation.
Understanding of the common web technologies and services is required


After completion of this training, you will gain following objectives:

Understand the Integrate with Apache
Learn how to install as well as Configure ModSecurity
Know all about: Performance, Virtual Patches and Audit logs
Develop understanding on Blocking General Attacks
Learn how to write Rules in ModSecurity
How to protect the Web Applications using different mechanisms?
What are Chroot Jails?
REMO - Create and modify rules


  • Web Application Security TrainingComplete interactive and Hands on learning experience .
  • Fee

    Total fee

    ₹ 40000 /- (inclusive of all.)

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