8 Weeks ₹ 30000 Start from 06-Apr-2020 Course timing: 9am - 5pm

Course Summary

A blockchain is a public ledger of information collected through a network that sits on top of the internet. this is how information is recorded that gives blockchain its groundbreaking potential.

A blockchain is a decentralized, distributed, and oftentimes public, digital ledger that is used to record transactions across many computers so that any involved record cannot be altered retroactively, without the alteration of all subsequent blocks.

A blockchain has been described as a value-exchange protocol.


The pre-requisites required for Blockchain training are mentioned below:

1. Linux Fundamentals
2. Node.js Fundamentals
3. Javascript Fundamentals


After completion of this training , you will be able to understand:

An overview of the structure and mechanism of Blockchain.
Understand how Bitcoin transactions arestored and mined on a Blockchain.
Develop your private Blockchain and deploy smart contracts on Ethereum.
Develop and test your business network on Hyperledger Composer and how-to setupa private Blockchain on Multi Chain platform.
Detailed analysis of use-caseswill ascertain you about how the Blockchain technology is shaping the future of world.


  • Basic to Advance level.Hands on Labs and Case Studies.
  • Fee

    Total fee

    ₹ 30000 /- (inclusive of all.)

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    Is the course material accessible to the students even after the course training is over?

    Yes, the access to the course material will be available for lifetime once you have enrolled into the course.

    What if I have queries after I complete this course?

    You can get access from the Support Team. The team will help you in resolving queries, during and after the course.

    Will I get placement assistance after Blockchain training?

    Yes, you will get placement assistance from our team to support you in getting the job .

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