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Course Summary

Human Resources training empowers the participants to oversee the data of the employees in their organization in a more refined way.

This is an essential training that starts with an introduction to HR module and further spans to recruitment, payroll management, compensation management, refining wages, organizational staffing, and more tasks related to human resource management.

The training sessions will build your proficiency by solving the case studies and focusing on real time solutions that can be implemented organization wide.


Basic understanding of human resource terminology, concepts, and practices is required.


Upon completion of this training, you will be able to:

Work on personnel cost planning, compensation management, pay-scale classification, and wage types
Build time management capabilities in defining work schedules, holiday calendar, overtime calculation, attendance, and more
Work on the integration of human resource module with finance module for managing payroll
Integrate Personnel Administration (PA) and Organizational Management (OM) and define relationships
Configure reporting relationships and henceforth create organizational structure report
Create and execute plan for recruitment of employees and accordingly make changes to Employee Master Data.


  • SAP HRComplete interactive and Hands on learning experience .
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    Why is SAP important?

    In data processing, SAP is a short form for Systems, Applications, and Products. Most of the companies considered that SAP solution has the extremely vital factor for their businesses. Many companies widely use the SAP system for daily operations and reporting. SAP brings systems, modern and extremely efficient.

    SAP is divided into 2 types of courses

    One being more functional The other being more technical

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