IoT (Internet of things)

8 Weeks ₹ 30000 Start from 06-Apr-2020 Course timing: 9am - 5pm

Course Summary

The Internet of Things, or IoT, refers to the billions of physical devices around the world that are now connected to the internet, all collecting and sharing data.

Connecting up all these different objects and  adding sensors to them adds a level of digital intelligence to devices that would be otherwise dumb, enabling them to communicate real-time data without involving a human being.

The Internet of Things is making the fabric of the world around us more smarter and more responsive, merging the digital and physical universes.


• Mathematics
• IT
• Analogue and digital electronics
• Web and networks


•  Understand what IoT is and the difference between a commercial IoT device and a consumer IoT device
•  Explain how IoT can be used to support business needs in industries like Manufacturing, Smart City/Building, Energy, Healthcare, Retail, and Transportation
•  Describe the components of an IoT Architecture
•  Describe the security considerations that must be addressed when implementing an IoT solution
•  Describe the communication, data, and process pathways implemented within an IoT solution
•  Explain the approaches that a business can take when preparing to implement an IoT solution
•  Describe the device categories available in the marketplace and characteristics of commonly used devices
•  Describe software and services that go into an IoT solution and how security considerations are addressed within the implementation
•  Evaluate and align a use case scenario or problem statement with a real-world IoT implementation and architecture
•  Explain one or more approaches for implementing an IoT solution based on a use case scenario or problem statement


  • Basic to Advance level.Hands on Labs and Case Studies.
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    Who will get benefit from this course?

    Internet of Things has a huge scope of growth for IT professionals, electrical and electronics engineers, designers and solution architects. It is a blessing for existing and budding entrepreneurs who are interested in building smart solutions for their customers. Professionals working in sectors such as pharmaceuticals, real estate, sales, finance, designing, manufacturing, electrical equipment, retail, healthcare, etc. can also benefit from learning about IoT solutions. Fresh graduates and newcomers can also start their career on the right foot with an Internet of Things

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    You’ll have access to class recordings, presentations, sample code, and projects. You’ll also be able to view recordings of each session. We also have our technical support team ready to assist you with any questions you may have

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