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What are the training delivery options?

Presently, we provide instructor-led and virtual instructor-led program.

Who conducts the training?

Each training program is designed and delivered by skilled instructors, who possess extensive expertise in the relevant subject.

Why should I choose your training programs

SkillXS is the product of 99Oranges. The company enjoys over 15 years of professional experience working for clients globally, helping forward-looking enterprises grow with a number of IT services. Being in the industry and having real, professional expertise means the the company knows the industry very well, understands what’s in trend and is well-positioned to deliver outstanding IT training program. Unlike many other training providers who solely focus on training programs, we gather our insights and knowledge and understanding from our own expertise which make our programs fair, transparent and consistently accurate.

Do you offer job assistance?

SkillXS provides job assistance to freshers. Because we partner with leading companies, including small and medium-sized enterprises in their training programs, we may even find a suitable position for you there. Other than these, we also have an extensive network of seasoned IT professionals and companies and we may also have a fresh opening in our own company.

How long does it take to complete a training?

The duration of each training program varies, depending on the course content. Please follow the course section to learn more

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