Upskill your staff for better productivity outcomes

Corporate Training

A company can achieve its goals with an inspiring team that easily becomes engaged. Upskilling your staff can drive benefits you
never previously believed possible.

Upskilling is not a priority, it’s an urgency!

As a company, you have (and you can do) many things to engage and retain people, who not just improve your organization’s bottom line, but also redefine your growth drive at every level.

All the top-performing companies you see today are those that heavily invest in human capital development - improving their team’s  organizational readiness, channelizing them with the change, and contributing to their overall human development. One of the best ways to start valuing your employees and making them an inseparable part of your commercial success is to upskill them. Today, when evolving digital technologies are challenging every norm, upskilling your people is not a priority, it is an urgency.

Dedicated Corporate Training on Niche Technologies

On-demand courses prepare your workforce to confidently navigate all upcoming challenges at work - keeping your company one step ahead in an unpredictable market.

At SkillXS, we help organizations experience what standout staff can do. And we do this through a host of training programs. The courses are tailor-made to accommodate client-specific needs, including their desired training patterns, delivery options, priority, choice of tools, and schedule.

We serve companies of all shapes and sizes - with all kinds of training expectations - empowering their human assets to get trained (and use the acquired knowledge) across a suite of niche technologies including - Cloud, Mobile, Big Data, DevOps, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain and more.

With instructor-led live training session whether at your own premise, at our own facility or at any third-party venue, we help your team/s acquire all the important and in-demand skills they need to navigate the existing and upcoming challenges in the digital economy.

Our aim is to create a holistic corporate training environment where your requirements are properly understood, and our 
programs are efficiently delivered. The courses are created, curated, controlled and conveyed by a skilled team of experienced trainers with hands-on experience and exposure to multiple practical projects. Which means efficient problem solving, one-to-one addressing, and fair treatment.

Our Corporate training Features -

Activities over lectures. Instructions over concepts.

● Learners acquire information and grow in an engaged, a proactive environment with practical instructions rather than conceptual directives
● We use popular tools that accelerate the learning process - giving each attendee ample opportunity to gather key concepts faster, apply these in real-life and genuine situations
● We cover industry’s most relevant and updated course content that is immediately accessible and applicable
● We promote multiple activities into training, such as group discussion, case studies, brainstorming sessions, role-plays, practical activities etc., that facilitate a healthy distribution and acquisition of knowledge 
● We provide sufficient opportunities where learners can clear all their doubts so that each query - regardless of their depth - remains answered
● We evaluate training progress using a variety of measurement techniques and provide honest, useful feedback
● We ensure informed mapping of learning patterns based on an attendee’s existing knowledge base
● Last, yet not the final - our excellent support post-training facilitates the culture of a healthy, distraction-free and accessible learning

Our corporate training programs encourage employee engagement and retention, help you save money on recruiting fresh batch of costly staff, improve not only your company’s bottom line but also their own lives.

It is the age of global knowledge economy. Companies that will survive and thrive tomorrow are educating and upskilling their staff today.

Let us assess and identify areas where upskilling your employees with an in-demand training program can bring a breakthrough difference.

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