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Fresh Graduate's Training

Young and ambitious people bring energy, insights, diversity and academic excellence to their first work environment. No doubt, these are highly valued qualities tied deeply with an organization’s success, but most employers expect more than motivated resources with good grades. In this digital economy, their first priority is to onboard employable graduates, who are already familiar with evolving, and in-demand digital technologies.

Education prepares an individual to develop values, intellect and adaptability. Training prepares them for work.

Fresh graduates - even those who have excelled academically often face a lot of challenges while securing a new job. And then, many employers have a very high set of expectations and tiring, often demanding rounds of interview, before hiring the agile millennial and Gen Z workers.

While low-skill jobs are ceasing to exist faster, there’s a constant, urging demand for highly skilled workforce across industries. Fresh graduates trained in emerging technologies are at a far better position to land a dream job than their untrained counterpart. What it means is rather than starting to search for a job right after your graduation, spend some valuable time training yourself in new-age, in-demand courses.

SkillXS Fresh Graduate Training Program From full-time education to full-time employment

Lacking on-the-job experience should not leave you jobless. Our training programs for fresh graduates not just reduce their waiting period for the first job, it also makes them fully fitted for the future, with required communication, leadership and interpersonal abilities. The instructor-led and self-paced courses orient fresh graduates with the working world and provide them with many demanding skills for effortlessly navigating the upcoming challenges at work.

Be job-ready with a host of demanding courses

We train people across a number of IT courses - touching many key technologies that are shaping today’s digital economy. Expert instructors with ample practical work experience mentor each attendee in an interactive learning environment. The courses we cover include Big Data, Cloud, Machine Learning, BlockChain and more. We understand each fresh graduate is different and so is his/her learning priorities. Therefore, all our courses are tailor made, created and curated by experts in a way that students have seamless, instant access to study materials and they can set their own training patterns, delivery options, choice of tools and schedule.

Features of our training programs for fresh graduates

● Multiply your scope to land a high-paying job

● We help trained graduates with career counselling and placement assistance

● Structured learning, hands-on projects and genuine feedback that help you educate and grow the way you should

● Keep abreast with the shift and demands of the industry

● Gain the opportunity to join practical work sessions, live classes

● We use relevant tools that improve accessibility to learning, giving each graduate to gather concepts faster

● We promote healthy and dynamic learning engagement, with activities such as discussion, brainstorming sessions, role-plays, etc

● Choose your own mode of learning - whether a virtual instructor-led program or a self-paced program

● A detailed evaluation of progress measures a learner’s readiness to begin work-life and honest and genuine feedback identifies areas that require rework

● A proactive customer support post-training means you’re never forgotten ever. We invest in dedicated efforts to help our attendees land a job. So, it is not just training to prepare at work, but also about getting a job.

Those of you who want to start something on your own, our graduate training programs builds your solid foundation

According to a study, 80% of India’s engineers are unfit for jobs because they lack necessary skills to compete in a fast-changing world where new digital skills are in demand This is not a promising data. But doesn’t it also mean that if you are trained, you are a hundred times more employable?

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