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When freshers join your company, they bring with them fresh perspective, new approach, diversity and hope. They fit into your company’s salary budget and they are adaptable. If you properly harness their engagement with your company, they will not just stay for long, but as they evolve, they will significantly improve your company’s bottom line.

But the quality of their engagement massively depends on how you orient them with their in-role responsibilities. Your expectations from them, the productivity goal you tie with their role, do not start with them. It starts with YOU, and the first steps you take - before they actually perform their first duty.

Often, the biggest step is to TRAIN your newly recruited staff on the right role, in the right way, and most importantly with total precision.

If the graduates have been hired for a new but in-demand and a challenging role, developing a fresh training strategy and creating content from scratch and in-house could be time, effort and money consuming.
At Skillxs, we understand the issues small and medium-sized businesses often face after recruiting the fresh graduates for highly demanding roles. And that’s where our program starts.

Skillxs custom-designed Training Program for SMEs
Preparing fresh graduates for highly demanding jobs in small companies.

We provide a tailor-made training program for small and medium businesses. This program - highly specific to freshers - uplift their upcoming interactions with in-job activity, improve their organizational readiness, channelize them with the desired job performance, and contribute to their overall human development. The outcome is standout staff, who know what they have to do at the job, with all the required skills.

Which type of companies benefit from this training program?

See skilled graduates at work who don’t need niche training at every level but perform excellently at each stage of their engagement. Because our training prepares them for their job before you launch them at work.

Companies who just hired fresh graduates on a specialized role.

Bringing people from campus to company is easy, making them live up to their the expectation is not (always) easy. More so if they don’t know how to get started. With the ongoing boom in digital technologies, you may have to immediately recruit talent on a specialized domain. The resource comes with academic knowledge but lacks professional know-how (which is a serious issue for in-demand digital roles). Our training does not start on its own. It is custom-made and starts after we gather your detailed requirements. 

Whichever technology you want us to cover - be it identity management or deep learning or just anything else - we focus on just that - making your new hire combine his academic knowledge with the real-world case to perform well.

Companies without huge infrastructure and with a strict budget.

Skilling your fresh graduate at your own company in an on-demand role is costly. Training them on evolving digital technologies needs specialized infrastructure, key tools and training material that requires to be updated regularly. You may also need dedicated staff to assess, design, deploy the training. 

With SkillXS tailor-made training program, we unburden you from all of these. We have tenured instructors with hands-on knowledge of providing detailed, niche training. We have all the required tools and infrastructure to carry out seamless training program. And since we specialize in this, our training material is updated regularly.

Benefits of SkillXS made-to-order training program for SMEs:

● Customized training program depending on your specific instructions
● Train new hires on demanding, niche roles before they engage with your project
● Drive accuracy at work, before new hires handle client work
● Attendees gather information and grow in an engaged, proactive environment with practical instructions
● We leverage future-ready tools and technologies to accelerate the learning process -giving each attendee ample opportunity to gather key concepts faster
● We regularly update our training course content that accommodates all evolving demands of a changing digital economy
● We promote multiple activities into training, such as group discussion, case studies, brainstorming sessions, role-play, practical activities etc., that facilitate a healthy distribution and acquisition of knowledge 
● We judge training progress using a variety of measurement techniques and provide honest, useful feedback
● We ensure informed mapping of learning patterns based on an attendee’s existing knowledge base
● We seek to create the culture of a healthy, distraction-free and accessible learning
● Assess and identify key talents, who are supposed to grow speedily, identify the probable future growth leaders
● Attract and retain top talents
● Get employable graduates, who are already familiar with evolving, and in-demand digital technologies

Our training covers almost all technologies, including big data, machine learning, artificial intelligence, blockchain and more. Should you have a customized requirement on a specific role, we can accommodate that request too, but only after evaluating our strength.

Training delivery options

Instructor-led training program at a location convenient for you This program helps small companies leverage the expertise of their fresh recruits. Because we also train freshers and working professionals under other training programs, it allows us to carry a regularly updated database of CVs and references. So in case you urgently require a resource, we may have a ready to deploy talent who is a perfect fit.

How it works?

● You provide us with the details of your requirement
● We assess, design, deploy and deliver the affordable training that is customized just according to your needs
● If needed, we may extend the program to provide you with more values, including upskilling program for your existing staff, corporate training program etc.

Please view the courses page to learn more.

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